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John Dowdee is Talking Points' Gold Editor, and each week provides our readers with valuable technical and fundamental analysis of metals and mining. John employs Elliot Wave analysis in his column.

John Dowdee
Gold Editor

Tom Madell Ph.D. publishes "Mutual Fund Trends & Research Newsletter", a popular, free source of mutual fund advice at his not-for-profit website at The Newsletter has been in existence since May, 1999. During 2000, he was interviewed several times on radio station KMNY in Orange County, Calif. regarding the importance of psychology in mutual funds investing. Tom is a Ph.D. psychologist by training, and frequently writes about the important role of your own psychological reactions as well as market psychology in determining your investment results. He is currently working on a book on this subject . All told, he has accumulated over 17 years experience as a highly successful mutual funds investor enabling him to retire early from the 9-to-5 working world to use his time helping others with their investing through his writings.

Tom Madell Ph.D.
Mutual Fund Columnist

Bennett McDowell
The Trader's Mindset Columnist

Founder and President of, Bennett started his financial career on Wall Street with the firm J.J. Kenny Co. in 1984 after serving as an officer in the U.S. Navy. Bennett also served as a Retirement Plan Specialist with the Equitable in New York and has investment real estate experience as well. In addition, his 1979 Economics BA degree from Syracuse University in upstate New York gave him a foundation on which he was able to build a solid background in Finance.

Bennett has extensive experience in trading the financial markets and is currently an active trader including day trading the financial futures markets. He also coaches many traders through his company

Guy Edrington
Guy Edrington has been trading over 15 years. He is President of New World Trading Ltd. which publishes A Commodity Trading World and is registered with the NFA as a commodity trading advisory newsletter service.

Contrarian columnist Jeff Weber runs JJJ Investing Services and has written his own investing book, I Guarantee You Will Buy Low Sell High and Make Money, which shows you when to buy and sell the stocks he recommends in his book. You can order the book by clicking on the title above. It comes with a free one-year subscription to his newsletter.

Jeff Weber
Contrarian Columnist

Dale Woodson
Market TA

Market technical analysis columnist Dale Woodson is editor of Woodson Wave Report, a market-timing newsletter. Woodson Wave Report identifies turning point targets in the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 index as well as the bond and gold markets using Elliott Wave analysis and fibonacci ratios. Since publishing the newsletter online in 1998, Woodson Wave Report has been downloaded in twenty-five different countries.

Timer Digest rates Woodson Wave Report as the #5 stock market timer and #5 bond market timer for the three-year period from 12/31/98 through 12/31/2001. Woodson broke into the top ten rated stock market timers by placing #7 in the year 2000. He followed that up with a #4 rating for the year in 2001. These ratings were achieved during a period when market timing was extremely difficult as the bull market was turning over to bear and most were caught off guard.

Jack Miles is the author of Stock-Market-Secrets!, at an essential guide that certainly could become your most valuable trading companion. The guide contains no less than 137 sections covering everything you need to know about stock trading, options, spread-betting, fundamental and technical analysis, portfolio management, bear market survival and more.He is a well traveled author with a keen interest in the global markets and anything that moves in price. Educated in London, Jack has traded the global markets for the last 10 years using a range of instruments including spread betting and options. Jack has successfully published a number of credit, finance, stock market and small business guides.
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Jack Miles
Stock Market Secrets