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Welcome to the home page of the award-winning stock market newsletter, Talking Points. Our goal is to provide you with the most complete, balanced and unbiased stock market commentary available. Our columnists are top-notch and represent a wide range of experience and knowledge covering topics from gold and metals to swing trading and options..

Each Sunday, Talking Points gives subscribers sector-specific commentary and analysis; market wrap; swing-trading ideas for the week ahead, technical market analysis and of course, our award-winning Fresh Picks.

We offer a weekly free version of Talking Points that includes great content including market wraps, feature commentary and more. To receive ALL the content, however, including sector-specific stock recommendations, options picks for the coming week, and of course the Fresh Picks, make sure to sign up for the new Premium Edition using PayPal.

Not only do you receive all the content mentioned above, but also mid-week updates and target adjustments posted to the Members Only section of Talking-Points.com.

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The free version includes expert market commentary and analysis, as well as a weekly wrap-up, but does not include the award-winning Fresh Picks. To subscribe to the Premium Edition, which includes the Fresh Picks, click here for a FREE two-week trial using PayPal.

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Final 2003 Performance Comparison

The 2003 year-end results are in, and as you can see, it was quite a year for Talking Points as we outperformed the Dow and Nasdaq by a wide margin. The chart above represents every issue of Talking Points' Premium Edition, starting with the Jan. 5 issue, and ending with the Dec. 28 issue. Results were charted based on weekly performance of the Fresh Picks and the Nasdaq Composite Index and Dow Jones Industrials. For 2002's performance chart, please see the Track Record page.

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